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Article: Wilderness International: Protecting The Last 2.8%

Wilderness International: Protecting The Last 2.8%

Wilderness International: Protecting The Last 2.8%

For Wilderness International it all started with the enthusiasm for forests with huge trees and their desire to preserve wild nature for future generations. Since 2008 they have made it their mission to protect wilderness areas from vanishing forever and preserve them for future generations.

Their vision is to protect the last 2.8% of our planet’s remaining intact habitats by 2050. The Wilderness International team dedicates its daily work to the legally secure purchase of ecologically valuable and acutely threatened wilderness areas around the world, in order to protect them in perpetuity, engaging with local communities and governments to secure the land for generations to come.

Their headquarters are situated in Dresden, Germany, but with sister foundations in Canada, and Peru, they are well placed to run the three pillars of the NGO - Protection | Education | Research - with one great goal: to protect the last unique wilderness areas forever.

Working across areas of land in Canada & Peru, they create georeferenced aerial images using drones. Each sq. metre is then uploaded to their website and provided with specific geocoordinates to match that piece of land. These sq. metres can be purchased by individuals, or companies, and those that purchase receive a personalized certificate stating the exact coordinates of the land that they are protecting.

Craghoppers were delighted to accompany the team on a research trip to Peru and find out first hand more about their mission whilst kitting the team out in NosiLife clothing, meaning they were defended against the many biting insects that thrive in the Peruvian jungle.

To protect your own piece of rainforest visit their website here, and to protect yourselves from pesky biting insects check out our NosiLife range of clothing here.

Check out some of the fantastic work Wilderness International do via the video below.

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