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CO2 Renu Technology


CO2RENU uses 100% recycled fabric which includes 30% of fibers converted from CO2 industrial waste as an alternative to recycled plastic bottles.​​

What is CO2RENU?

CO2RENU technology has been created in collaboration with industry experts, Lanzatech. The process reshapes carbon waste by using CO2 emissions as the starting point to create some of Craghoppers recycled polyester blends. CO2RENU technology is an innovative way of recycling CO2 from industrial waste into product, whilst helping reduce carbon footprint.


CO2RENU Technology

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Carbon is a chemical element that occurs in nature both in pure form (e.g. graphite or diamonds) or as a part of chemical compounds - such as CO and CO₂.

What is special about this element is that carbon has the ability to form complex molecules, and therefore shows the greatest variety of chemical compounds of all elements - that is, carbon can take on a variety of forms in combination with other elements.

Industrial activity generates waste gases that usually end up as CO₂ emissions; for instance, CO and CO₂ waste gases are produced during steel manufacturing.

We worked with climate tech company, LanzaTech who has a platform to capture and convert these waste emissions into the building blocks for textiles manufacturing via the process of fermentation. Much like traditional fermentation that uses sugars and yeast to make alcohol, this process uses waste carbon emissions and a special microbe to make ethanol. This ethanol can be converted into mono ethylene glycol (MEG), a key ingredient in the manufacture of polyester.

In this way ethanol from pollution can be converted into the material needed to make the fleece. We refer to these yarns as Bio3 Carbon Smart Polyester. When blended with recycled polyester in the next step, then named CO2Renu.